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A Message from Founder & CEO David Barajas, Sr.

DCC The Wallace Street Kid Pancreatic Caner

Delicious, great variety, and they freeze beautifully for a future event.

-Connie H. (Apr. 2019)

These coffee cakes are moist, light, fluffy, and flavorful! May favorites are boston cream, cinnamon apple, and banana walnut, but whatever flavors you typically enjoy, you will LOVE in these coffee cakes, I promise!

-Shae H. (Nov. 2018)

I tasted on at the Working Women's Survival Show back in February. A friend gifted me one and I froze it. It was Birthday month with lots of cake already. I just pulled this out and it's fresh and amazing still. Dave's Coffee Cake freezes very well still moist. If you enjoy coffee cakes, these are a great buy.

- Shonni N. (May 2019)

The freshest, best coffee cake I've ever had. Insanely delicious!

- Beth R. (Mar. 2019)

So we were at the StL H&G Show (St Louis Home & Garden Show) and my friend insisted I try Dave's Coffee Cake, I asked why it's just coffee cake? They guy behind they counter laughed and said here try a piece. I did and said it was okay. We wandered around some more but ended back there and I tried another flavor. He asked once again what I thought. Honestly, it's the best I ever had! I'd like two! He was also funny, witty, and a great salesman. So whatever they've got going on keep it up. And while I didn't get you're name, thanks to the guy who sold us a total of 6 cakes and made the whole H&G show worth coming too.

- Jamie R. (Mar. 2017)

I bought 3 of these today at Vintage Market Days Kansas City. Blueberry cream cheese, cherry cream cheese, and banana walnut. These are freaking awesome. I’ve never had a coffee cake that was so flavorful and moist unless it was homemade. Highly recommend and will watch your page to see when you’ll be back in KC so I can buy more!!

- Samantha B. (Apr. 2018)

One of the best desserts I have ever tasted!! Will definitely be back for more

- Emma M. (Mar. 2019)

My friends and I were at the Indy gift and Hobby show. We saw people walking around with 2-3 cakes so we stopped by your booth. We sampled your cakes and they were soooo good. My Boyfriends parents had family coming to town, so I purchased supreme cinnamon coffee cake. I froze it and weeks later took it over to their house. His parents open the cake prior to guests arriving because it was so tempting. The family ate it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert! My Apple cinnamon cake has been in my fridge and have been enjoying it for the last few week! Thank you for making our holiday!

- Rachel S. (Nov. 2017)

1st time we tried it at the Strawberry Festival in FL. Brought home cinnamon coffee cake & raspberry cream cheese. So good!!' Highly recommend!! Best we've had!! Freezes great too & unthaws pretty quick.

- Judy A. (Mar. 2019)

My wife , granddaughter and I went to the West Point sweet corn festival yesterday and came across Dave's tent. WOW! all the cakes looked so Good, I had to have a lemon and my Granddaughter 
wanted a raspberry. When we got home last night we both had a slice before bed. We can't get enough, WOW! I'll be buying more of these real soon. They not only Look Good , they taste Great!

- Harold F. (Aug. 2017)

I don't even like cake. I don't really like any kind of baked goods. But their cake is like the most magically moist, delicious thing I've ever shoveled into my mouth. And I do mean shoveled, because that's what happened. My birthday is Saturday, and I'm trying to figure out how to get a cake here by then. It's all I want to eat that day. Seriously.

- Desire R. (Mar. 2019)

I bought one around Christmas time and froze it-we just had it this past weekend and it was sooo moist and phenomenal...my only complaint is I should have bought 2 instead of 1  Wonderful product and service! Thank you!

- Alaina F. (Jan. 2019)

Sampled the cinnamon coffee cake at the "Just for Her" event in Kc and oh my gosh are they amazing! My mom doesn't like sweets but she can't get enough of the cherry cream cheese coffee cake. We will definitely be back for more!

- Erika L. (June 2017)

best coffee cake I've ever tasted! freezes great!

- Leah M. (May 2019)

I bought a couple cakes before Christmas last year 2016 and ate one and froze the other. We took the other out of the freezer recently and I just opened it today and had a piece and it tastes just like it was made yesterday. Best cake ever!

- Patty S. (Jan. 2018)

I had my first taste of Dave’s Coffee Cake at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City. I am very picky. I can honestly say next to my mom’s homemade German Chocolate Cake these are the best cakes I have ate. The Raspberry Cheese Cake was the delicious . No wonder it is the best seller.

- Jennie S. (Mar. 2019)

OMG! Had the pleasure of tasting these wonderful treasures at The Country Living Festival in Atlanta. Every one of them was delicious! So hard to choose so went home with 2! You can’t go wrong with whichever cake you choose!

- Carol L. (June 2018)

ALL OF THE CAKES WE HAVE TRIED HAVE BEEN AMAZING! We sampled this at a vintage market show this weekend in Oklahoma and left the weekend buying 7 pies for us and our close friends! Would definitely recommend these to everyone who has a sweet tooth! So thankful that they ship too!

- Chase & Jenna G. (Mar. 2019)

Boston Cream coffee cake was delicious!! Took it to work and everyone loved it! Fresh, moist and not overly sweet for breakfast. Highly recommend!! I will be purchasing again!

- Carol P. (Dec. 2018)

I saw Dave's at the Holiday Boutique in Kansas City. We heard people talking about the coffee cakes before we even found the booth! They were right! Bought the Boston Cream and it melts in your mouth!! Can't wait to try the others I bought.

- Jami D. (Nov. 2018)

I bought several coffee cakes over Labor Day weekend. I put a lemon cheesecake one in the freezer ... we forgot it was there... I took it out 3 days ago - 05.07 -and it is STILL so moist and delicious! 8 months! Amazing!!!

- Laura N. (May 2019)

I made my first purchase in October at Shaker Woods came home put them in the freezer and sliced them so we can have a slice when we want....pure deliciousness I wish I would have bought more than 2!!

- Melody C. (Nov. 2017)

Hands down best coffee cake I’ve ever had!!! I would recommend these for any & every occasion🤗🤗🤗

- Daniell F. (Dec. 2018)

Was at the Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show and saw everyone carry these coffee cakes around. Tried the blueberry and cream cheese coffee cake and it was the most moist, amazing cake I have ever ate!!!

- Brett H. (Mar. 2018)

I was a vendor at the Wichita Women's Show this year. I saw all these people passing by with 3-4 of these cakes. I could not understand why they had so many until I found This booth and tried for myself. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I could not just get 1, I had to get 2 The only thing that disappointed me was there were no Chocolate or Chocolate Chip cakes left! Pure Heaven! Wish you were closer.......well, maybe not! LOL! Thanks for the Yumminess!

- Michele S. (Mar. 2017)

Dave's Coffee Cakes are nothing less than totally awesome. Not only are the products second to none, the family that runs the operation and the ones that attend the events are wonderful people. I highly recommend their products.

- Greg W. (Feb. 2018)

I purchased one of the cherry at the working woman's survival show...and wish I bought more. It froze well for 2 weeks and was still so moist!👍

- Carrie K. (Mar. 2019)

Don’t just. Buy 1 these things are Amazing. The staff is second to None. I met the Team at the Novi Women’s show. We were neighbors for 4 days. Just an Awesome Group.

- Aaron W. (May 2018)

BEST cakes I've had!!! I even froze one for 4 months, thawed it and it was so wonderfully fresh!! very impressed!!!

- Anna T. (Apr. 2017)

Bought 2 of them this last weekend at the Craft Show here! Melt in your mouth delicious! I can't wait until spring to get some more! Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake OMG to die for!

- Caroline M. (Dec. 2016)

I never write reviews, but this can't be ignored. I bought several coffee cakes from you at a craft show in Kansas City a few weeks ago. I put them straight in freezer to save for Thanksgiving. I was worried about how it would taste from freezer to table but I was worried for no reason. This cake was so moist and a HUGE hit. I have one piece left which my husband has dibs on for the morning. I look forward to having the Christmas cinnamon coffee cake I know will be perfection after thawing out. I am a customer forever.

- Melody S. (Nov. 2016)

This company is so amazing. Great cakes are just the start. Amazing owners and community support. Will go back as a repeat customer.

- Jennifer D. (Sept. 2016)

Love the cakes!! My friend ordered one for my birthday. Even with it being shipped, it tasted just as delicious as when I tasted it at a fair convention when they were in town.

- Amanda L. (Apr. 2018)

LOVE your coffee cakes. They even hold up in the freezer - had mine in for just under a year and it tasted just like the day I bought it. Thank you so much for an amazing product

- Diana D. (Sept. 2018)

we purchased several coffee cakes 10 months ago for Christmas gifts! I still had one in the freezer I recently thawed. It tasted just as good as the ones I bought last week at Frankfort Fest!!! YUMMY!

- Jeannie G. (Sept. 2018)

My mother and I have enjoyed several varieties of your very good and very moist coffee cakes. My mother has ordered several cakes and had them mailed to my sister. Near Branson MO.

- Anonymous (Nov. 2017)

I've never been disappointed when I buy one of these cakes... I have gotten to the point I look for your tents at festivals.

- Lorrie C. (Oct. 2016)

Just wanted to say ........... we pulled a cake from the freezer that is nearly 2 years old , bought from a Christmas show in Hamburg , NY, and it is as fresh and tasty as the day it was bought ........... LOVE YOUR CAKES !!!!!!!!
- Paul B. (October 2019)

I just wanted to tell you how much my family LOVES your cakes!! We live in VA so we buy them every spring and winter at the Bizarre Bazaar in Richmond ( Literally in tears the spring show is cancelled! ) The Boston Cream Cake is one of the best things I have ever eaten. We actually have one thawing on our counter as we speak. I have been saving it for a special occasion and with everything going on in the world right now this will definitely put a smile on our faces! Thank you and keep making delicious cakes!!

-Jennifer P. (Mar. 2020)